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Croglin Limited - manufacturers of luxury wooden presentation boxes
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Beautiful presentation of luxury brands

At the heart of Croglin is the craftsmanship to work with a natural material and create something even more beautiful than the wood itself. Croglin works with clients to develop approaches to presentation that protect and display,  complement and enhance luxury brands. We’re about a subtle beauty that’s also stunning, presenting exclusive whiskies, heirloom timepieces and memorable jewellery at their best.

Croglin- Luxury Wooden Box
Croglin - Luxury Wooden Presentation
Croglin - Luxury Whisky Packaging
Croglin Limited Luxury Woodworking
Croglin Luxury Presentation Bookmark
Croglin Luxury Watch Jewellery Boxes
Croglin Limited Luxury Craftsmanship
Croglin - Luxury Whisky POP/POS
Croglin Limited Luxury Wooden POP
Croglin Limited Skilled Woodworking
Croglin Luxury Wooden Gift tags
Croglin Luxury Wooden Chocolate Box
Croglin Laser Cutting Woodworking
Croglin Luxury Presentation Boxes
Croglin Bespoke Presentation Boxes
Croglin Traditional Woodworking

The Croglin Business

We specialise in wooden boxes and packaging, in merchandise and special gifts made from wood and in distinctive and memorable wooden display and promotional items. We have a range of skills, all focused on these three particular areas of business – this is what we do.

We combine traditional skills and finishing with the best technology to create something that has the feel of hand-made but the consistency of modern manufacture.

We know that the details matter and we have worked with craftspeople skilled with leather, gilding, metalwork and upholstery when a particular client project requires particular details.

Joe Butler - Croglin Limited

Joe Butler

Creative Director

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Ben Cottam - Croglin Limited

Ben Cottam


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Alan Crook - Croglin Limited

Alan Crook


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Nick Palfreyman - Croglin Limited

Nick Palfreyman

Design Manager

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Meet Our Team


Our Service Offering

We focus on catering for three particular market sectors, Packaging, Merchandise and Point of Sale. To do these really well and offer our clients a fully engaged service we offer a design service. The in-house design team play a major part in our mostly ‘bespoke’ projects, rarely does a project go by without the need for design.

Take a closer look at our services on the links below.

Luxury Bottle Packaging Design by Croglin Limited

A creative in-house design team, fully engaged in the Croglin design process and driven to deliver beautiful products and excellent craftsmanship

Luxury Jewellery Packaging by Croglin Limited

Beautifully crafted wooden boxes with enhanced detailing using specially selected materials - designed and manufactured to meet your requirements

Luxury Wooden Presentation Bookmark by Croglin Limited

Bespoke wooden products inspired by your brand, for your brand – designed and manufactured to add value to your marketing story

Beautiful POP/POS display by Croglin Limited

Engaging Point of Sale for retail locations, event marketing and exhibitions - designed and manufactured to bring your brand to life


Our Clients

Our clients – and their clients - are people who not only expect a high quality of workmanship, but also value it. 


Perfectionists in their own right

Fantastic finish on the prototype Croglin, our client has signed-off today

We have worked with Croglin for a number of years now – always deliver in every way possible

Croglin have helped us deliver many challenging projects

Great guys to work with, really know their stuff  


Recent Projects

A selection of our project case studies we have hand-picked to showcase talent and variety of work we can share with you today. Remember to regularly return to find updated case studies - we will also let you know via our social media feeds.


Our Gallery

A collection of images from the Croglin archives. Held way up on a cloud, with no way for anyone to see, we thought we would share the best. Some may spark conversation or an inspirational idea, maybe even formulate a brief!

Handcrafted Wooden Chopping Boards
Beautiful Luxury Presentation Box
Croglin Luxury Wooden POP/POS
Croglin Cutting Edge Woodworking
Croglin Luxury Wooden Jewellery Box
Croglin Limited Logo
Croglin Luxury Wooden Craftsmanship
Croglin Modern Machining Woodwork
Croglin Luxury Whisky Box Design
Croglin Wooden Presentation
Modern Wood Machining by Croglin
Croglin Limited Logo 2
Croglin Modern Machining Woodwork
Croglin Luxury Wooden Gift Tags
Croglin Traditional Planing methods
Croglin Limited Hand Finished Wood
Croglin Modern Woodworking
Croglin Limited Logo 3
Croglin Luxury Presentation Tag
Croglin Limited Hand Finishing
Croglin Traditional Woodwork methods
Croglin Luxury Wooden Chocolate Box
Croglin Wooden Presentation Coaster
Croglin Limited Logo
Croglin Traditional Woodwork methods
Croglin Limited Wooden Gift Tags
Croglin Luxury Wooden Products
Croglin Wooden Presentation Coasters
Croglin Limited Logo 3

Contact Us

Unit 4B, East Lakes Business Park

Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith.

CA11 9BB

Penrith Site (Main) 01768 899 820

Lazonby Site 01768 870 100

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Investing in the Future

To support the the future of Croglin and ensure the highest quality products, we invested in an additional high-spec CNC laser cutter for our technology centre at Lazonby. With the help of the European Agricultural Fund we could increase both our quality and output, while retaining the core Croglin values.

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