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‘ Croglin’s expertise helped us deliver our dream – the world’s best paintbrush handle.’



Lucas is a highly regarded fit-out and finishing company that is employed by many luxury brands to provide a complete range of decorating services required for major construction projects such as commercial buildings, hotels and technology centres.  Lucas‘s dedication to achieving the perfect finish led them to develop their own decorating equipment and establish a sub brand called Lucas Pro Tools.


Project details

Danny Lucas has always aspired to revolutionising the accepted norm of a paint brush. Working with an external design agency, an innovative new brush was conceived that not only challenged the status quo but delivered Danny’s vision. However, Lucas was without a UK manufacturing partner.

The flexibility to accommodate bespoke projects and work with new ideas is the main strength of Croglin.  This was recognised by Lucas when they were looking for a supplier to take on-board the design refinement and development of their distinctive new paint brush.

As the project progressed, potential issues became apparent such as achieving an even stain and maintaining consistency in shape to ensure the blend between the wooden handle and the aluminium ferrule.  These challenges were managed, firstly by pre-staining in a vacuum bath prior to manufacture to ensure a deep penetration of the stain into the timber and subsequently the finished brush handle. Secondly, by automating the finishing of the post-CNC parts, consistency in shape and tolerance was controlled to within 0.05mm.

Incorporating the laser etched Lucas logo, the resulting brush handle combines with a machined aluminium ferrule stacked with the finest DuPont filament and makes for a brush of outstanding quality – one worthy of the Lucas Pro Tools brand.


Wood Used

Solid beech, stained grey and with an oiled finish.


Project Time


Design, development and sampling for approval complete within 12 weeks. 

Production Run

An initial manufacturing order of 1500 units is currently underway at Croglin.

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