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“This was always a challenging project as there were two clients to satisfy and both had high expectations on workmanship. Croglin surpassed those expectations and these special edition boxes have been much appreciated by our customers.”




Hamilton and Inches is Scotland’s luxury jewellery house based in Edinburgh. It is the premiere destination for fine jewellery, luxury watches and hand-crafted silver, and has held a Royal Warrant as silversmiths for more than 120 years, including the warrant of Her Majesty the Queen.


Project Details

As well as selling their own range of jewellery, H&I are stockists of niche, high-end luxury branded jewellery and watches.  H&I partnered with one brand to develop a packaging solution that would be a reflection of the H&I brand on the outer with the branded (special edition) watch on the inner. The solution would house an owner’s guide, a certificate of authenticity and also include a secret compartment.

Using the Croglin design process, we were able to generate a schedule of work, pre-plan review meetings and work out the critical path for this development. The final design was a solution that met the initial specification and one that received the approval of both H&I and their client.


The parts for the box and its sub-components were cut and machined at Croglin to the exact thickness and then glued and assembled so as not to show any visible fixings.  Lacquer was again used to achieve the required finish rather than oil, ensuring no marking or contamination of the watch documents.


Wood Used


Scottish elm


Project Time


Preliminary design and development was complete well within the 6 week time frame and production runs are complete within an 8 week window.  

Production Run

Limited runs of just 10 or 15 boxes on several occasions - this unique special edition watch box continues to be made for this joint venture between brand and store.

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