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" We worked with Joe Butler and Croglin on a project that exceeded our expectations. They were a pleasure to deal with.”  Chris Andrews, Weir & Sons



Weir & Sons is a Dublin-based business that has been trading in luxury goods such as watches, jewellery and silver since 1869. Weir & Sons worked with renowned Swiss watchmaker, Patek Philippe, on a collaboration to commemorate the company’s 150th anniversary, developing a limited edition timepiece, a green Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P.

Patek Philippe rarely designs a bespoke watch for one of its retailers but this was an exception. The limited edition of 25 celebratory timepieces required a very special design of outer box and Croglin Limited was commissioned to design and make 25 bespoke wooden boxes of the highest quality.


Project Details

Following a meeting in Dublin with Chris Andrews, a Director of Weir & Sons, Croglin devised an oak box that would not only present the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P at its best – and continue the green theme - but also store the accompanying documentation and certificate of authenticity.  

The agreed design has a free-opening, timber-hinged lid and a fold-down front which opens to reveal a branded document draw, operated on a delicate push eject/close mechanism.


Woods Used

Constructed from Irish oak with an inlay of bog oak and a silver plaque on the lid.


Project time

Ten months from initial briefing meeting through to the delivery of all 25 boxes. An accelerated box for marketing purposes was supplied just four months after the briefing.     

Production run

25 Units

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