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Precision Skiving - The Tale Of The Dog - Luxury Whisky Packaging

This is a detailed look at the making of the luxury whisky packaging for the The Tale Of The Dog whisky. We describe the art, craft and engineering that goes into making a container fitting for such a fine whisky.

Skiving is a technique for thinning leather. Croglin is known for working with wood but the dexterity, deftness and feel for materials is transferable.

The design concept for the beautiful packaging for The Balvenie The Tale Of The Dog whisky included a printed leather wraparound. It had to fit flush within a recess carved into the wooden cylinder and the printed image had to line up perfectly across a seam.

The specification was for the leather to be folded around the edge. This meant skiving the leather to half thickness and to a depth of 20mm around. It’s careful work.

In total we made packaging for 232 bottles of The Tale Of The Dog which meant Toby skived 8500 meters of leather without stretching or distorting the printed image.

Carys secured the leathered matching up the image perfectly for every one.

We are proud of the level of finish we achieve on all our work, particularly across large volumes of complex products.

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