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Herdy - Chopping Boards

We love Herdy. They’re a fellow Cumbrian company who are all about local yet sell their design genius products all over the world.

They commissioned us to make Herdy branded chopping boards. It’s taken us back to our roots. Making boards was Joe’s introduction to working with wood.

Made from a single piece of European Beech they have pattern on one side for presentation and a smooth chopping surface on the reverse.

We’re proud to work with Herdy and love that they’re local.

We chose European Beech to make the chopping boards. It’s nonporous, has a dense grain with a hard surface meaning that it will stand up to life as a chopping board.

It’s also good to work with. We used our CNC laser cutter to produce the image and logo reproduction on the boards. It’s a high-tech piece of equipment that lives in our design studio in the village of Lazonby. It’s just about the last place you’d expect to find this robotlike tool.

Of course we finish everything by hand and enjoy the uniformity of what the laser cutter can achieve alongside the quality of hand finishing and the individuality of each board with characteristic variations in grain.

The chopping boards they commissioned from us celebrate the local Herdwick sheep – naturally – the design inspiration for all Herdy products. The imagery on the board references Barrowdale graphite. The British Isles are geologically diverse and rich. Barrowdale is by no means the largest producer of graphite but it is the purest.

There’s such a lot to Cumbria and we’re very proud to be here.

Herdy chopping board with cheese, crackers, grapes and wine
Herdy Chopping Board

Preparation side of the chopping board showing the wood grain and Herdy logo
Herdy Chopping Board

Hedry sheep design lasered in to the sharing side of chopping board
Herdy Chopping Board

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