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Hinges - The Tale Of The Dog - Luxury Whisky Packaging

This is post five of a series taking a detailed look at the art, craft and engineering that went into making the fine packaging for the William Grants Balvenie Tale Of The Dog Whisky.

The hinges on The Tale Of The Dog project are special. They recess completely so they are not visible when the cylinder is closed and they need to look beautiful when the cylinder is open.

The beauty is in the visible structure of the hinge and in the finish. It’s lustrous brass. When the supplier unexpectedly dropped the quality in the finish we were faced with a big challenge. There was no one else to source the hinge from. The only way to achieve the quality finish we were committed to was to do it ourselves.

We are naturally inquisitive and not afraid of a technical challenge. So we set to solving the problem. And we did. We developed a process for working with the metal to achieve the consistently fine finish expected in every element of the packaging.

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