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Screws - The Tale Of The Dog - Luxury Whisky Packaging

This is post six of a series taking a detailed look at the art, craft and engineering that went into making the fine packaging for the William Grants Balvenie Tale Of The Dog Whisky.

Close up view of brass screws aligned north south in brass hinge
Balvenie - The Tale Of The Dog Whisky - Luxury Packaging

We commissioned brass, flat ended screws for the Tale Of The Dog packaging.

The hinge mechanism needs to be absolutely secure and aligned so that it allows zero movement. This must be consistent no matter how many times the box is opened.

We achieve consistency by embedding a brass fixing insert for the flat ended screw. The screw doesn’t meet the wood at any point.

Because it is metal into metal we can find the right tension to fix the hinge exactly where we want it. Once it is fixed it won’t move.

The challenge is to get the initial positioning of the brass insert spot on. It is trial, error, a feel for the materials and what’s happening.

When we feel it’s right we line the screw heads up North South and know the hinge is fixed.

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