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Foil - The Tale Of The Dog - Luxury Whisky Packaging

This is post four of a series taking a detailed look at the art, craft and engineering that went into making the fine packaging for the William Grants Balvenie Tale Of The Dog Whisky.

A close up look of the gold foil lettering on top of the leather wrap on The Tale Of The Dog Whisky
Foil detailing on The Tale Of The Dog whisky packaging

The printed image on the leather wrap of the Tale Of The Dog packaging is crisp and durable. The Scottish Leather Group did a fantastic job. One of the things that makes the image durable is that it’s silicone coated. There are lots of good things to be said about silicone including that it is ocean friendly and longer lasting than plastic. For all of those reasons we loved it. But it made foiling the leather very difficult indeed.

But we don’t shy away from things that are very difficult.

Our foil supplier, FoilCo was brilliant and tested different adhesives for us to try. Production Manager Darryl Appleton went to work testing temperatures, times and procedures until he was sure we knew how to get the process consistently right.

Darryl quotes Nelson Mandela “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” It’s a great attitude to bring to work.

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