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“Our requirements in terms of the use of Scottish materials and the overall quality expected by our customers – as well as the unit price limits - set a high bar for any supplier. Croglin seemed to relish the challenge and their love of wood came through in their craftsmanship.”



Hamilton and Inches is Scotland’s luxury jewellery house based in Edinburgh. It is the premiere destination for fine jewellery, luxury watches and hand-crafted silver, and has held a Royal Warrant as silversmiths for more than 120 years, including the warrant of Her Majesty the Queen.


Project Details

The brief was clear from the start: to develop a bookmark that would demonstrate and radiate the H&I brand and relate to both the traditional and the modern ranges of jewellery available from H&I stores. The bookmark would be used as a gift for customers who purchased premium goods from the stores.

The solution was an elegant bookmark that was assembled in layers of timber and metal before being bound together with a leather strap. The timber was laser cut to include the H&I logo with a layer of brushed stainless steel in the centre. The timber was clear lacquered rather than oiled, to prevent any possible marking or staining of book pages.

As in all projects, challenges do arise and this project was no exception. To keep the multi-layered design, the wood was skilfully re-sawn to produce a sliver of timber before being mounted and bonded to a 0.5mm piece of stainless steel and finished – all very delicate, painstaking and precise work!

Wood Used

The finest sliver of Scottish elm.

Project Time

The original enquiry was complete within the 4 weeks quoted and batch project runs can be turned around in 1 week. 

Production Run

Batch quantities of 50 bookmarks are produced regularly for Hamilton and Inches, such is the success of this gift.

Croglin Logo
Croglin Luxury Wooden Bookmark
Croglin Logo
Croglin H&I Wooden Bookmark
Luxury Wooden Presentation Bookmark
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